Creator’s Board “Where the Creative Collaborate”

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Creator's Board "Where the Creative Collaborate"

Theatrical Costumes ETC. in Boulder Colorado Brings you The Creator’s Board “Where the Creative Collaborate”

Creator’s Board is a place for actors, designers, directors, musicians and artists everywhere to connect, socialize and find great gigs. In a creative social board atmosphere.

As an artist you can share your stories, add skills, make friends and connections, promote your work, collaborate with others on projects, participate in discussions, become a part of the community by joining circles, add connections and if you’re wanting to showcase your skills to potential employers you can become a Featured Artist in our Spotlight section where you can be the first to be noticed.

As an employer you can of course add employment opportunities and job listings, browse potential artists and participate in discussion about events and promotions you’re hosting or sponsoring and as well you can appeal to specific groups of artists.


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