Employment Opportunities

Looking for individuals who are educated and skilled within the theatrical industry. We are looking for potential employees whose experience include make-up, costume design, and sales associates. The hours that we are looking to fill are mornings, evenings, weekends, college vacations, and seasonal positions.

Job descriptions: Our jobs include working with the 2012 version of Mac LightSpeed state-of-the art integrated point of sale system, customer service, sales, inventory receiving, ordering product, working with radios and stocking product.  We have a comprehensive training program and work with five integrated Mac desktops and six Mac laptops.  Many of our past employees report having been hired over others, after working at our store because of their experience with our systems and responsibilities.  Often, employees get personal exposure to current Hollywood makeup artists in a working environment and sometimes attend buying trips to wholesale trade shows and make-up conventions around the United States. We also do outside research at comic con type conventions that are local and some in California.  A recent development for our store is to create a database of costume designers, make-up artists and artisans called Gathering Of Designers.  If you stay on board with our store you will be exposed to a networking community filled with opportunities to work overseas or on local productions.

The store is run by a M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) and a theatrical productions consultant.

We hire from 7-15 part-time employees and two full time employees depending on the season.  We sell products from over 640 suppliers.

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