Fuzzy Leg Warmers 25% Off

Spring has finally sprung, and its time to live with reckless, fabulous aplomb! And truly, what accessory matches the boldness of the FUZZY LEG WARMER? It’s a fascinating piece; I’ve heard hushed stories in the stockroom that the first fuzzy leg warmer was made in a lab by a crazy fashion scientist, or that the first fuzzy leg warmer was the final master work of Andy Warhol. Truly an accessory shrouded in mystery.

But hold onto your bowler hats ladies and gentlemen, cause these puppies are now 25% OFF!! Get yourself a slice of the sweet, sweet leg warmer pie, ASAP!IMG_2975Look at these beauts! So majestic, so mysterious.IMG_4542Such style! Such bold, bold style!! IMG_4541The fuzzy leg warmer in its natural habitat.

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