Just Arrived in Store: Sweatbands!

Whether you need an accessory for an 80’s party, or just need something to keep the sweat at bay while working out. These sweatbands will surely work for you! Sweatbands were a popular yet semi-practical fashion accessory in the 80’s. Practical in the sense that if you were out dancing all night you could keep the sweat from stinging your eyes while showing off your moves. Fashionable because you could wear them with anything, your outfit didn’t have to be sports oriented at all. Sweatbands were made to keep the sweat away, the headbands help to catch the sweat and the wristbands can mop the sweat off your brow and also keep arm sweat from making hands slick with sweat.



yellowsweatband bluesweatband bluewhitesweatbandWe have many colors in stock-

Solid Colors:




Light Blue

Dark Blue




Red & White

Blue & White

Pink & White

Red, White & Blue

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