Just In! Our Assorted Mood Rings and Their Colorful History!


      Do you know what kind of mood you are in? Or maybe you want others to see what kind of mood you are in before they approach you? Well if any of those things apply to you or if you just like wearing cool and trendy rings then you should come check these out! We have oval shaped, heart shaped and we have the band shaped mood rings.

oval mood ring heart mood ring

mood ring

History of Mood Rings:

Although it is popularly believed that Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats invented the mood ring in 1975 that is in fact incorrect. It is true that they helped popularize the mood ring but the credit for being inventor should go to Marvin Wernick, who invented the mood ring in the late 1960’s.

These colorful changeable rings work because they contain a flat strip of thermo tropic liquid crystals that change color based on the mood of the person wearing the ring. Marvin Wernick got the idea because of his doctor friend who used a strip of thermo tropic material on a child’s forehead to check their temperature. The liquid crystals are calibrated to the normal temperature of the surface of the body, which is 82 degrees. The ring color then changes if the temperature of the person wearing the ring varies at all.

The mood rings first flashy and vivid wave of popularity hit in the 1970’s and they have continued to have splashes of popularity throughout the decades and will continue to do so!


There are 12 hues from which you can gauge your mood:

Black: fear, yellow: anxious, orange: stressed, light green: nervous, dark green: mixed emotions, sky blue: normal, dark blue: calm, violet: relaxed, mauve: love, magenta: romantic, light pink: very happy, and red: passion.

color scope

Come and see us to give these vibrant rings a look. Our store and all the fun things we carry are sure to put you in a pink mood!

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