LARP Weaponry Extravaganza

Come all you paladins, you druids, you morally ambiguous halfing rouges! Come, and gaze upon our magnificent stock of (LARP friendly) weaponry.

Gander at our real wood spears and lances. They are fit for the CĂș Chulainn of any era.


Or, perhaps you fancy yourself a knight, a noble protector of the realm. Find your perfect Excalibur and search for your holy grail.

Or maybe you are less interested in chivalrous ideals and instead live for the mere thrill of combat. Worry not, fighters and barbarians.

And let us not forget those interested in the more subtle arts of evocation or transmutation.

What wizard truly does not pine after a cobra staff?

You can even have your own raven familiar!

Or maybe even take the role as Hero of Time and wield your own Master Sword and Hylian Shield?

The summer moon beckons all true warriors to the battlefield. Do not ignore such cosmic drive.



(All costumes photographed were made by store employee Sarah Jones and are not themselves for sale)

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