Manic Panic

are you a fan of Manic Panic Hair dye?

well did you know they have Lashes 2!

Come check out our manic panic selection we have a wide selection of #colors and #Lashes.

#TCEBoulder #Manicpanichairdye #ManicPanic

Manic PanicManic Panic hair dye is semi-permanent it last about 3-6months.

How Long to leave it in – we suggest that you leave it in for about 3-hours at least.

To Rinse – USE COLD WATER we suggest to use one-part water and one-part vinegar for the first two washes (DON’T USE HOT WATER FOR THE FIRST WASH)

(the more you wash your hair the faster the color will come out. Best to use cold it helps it last a little longer)

Please Share your Photos with us #TCEBoulder

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