Rockstar Wig Mania!

The summer convention season is quickly approaching! Hot dog! But one cannot simply go to comic con in any old ensemble. You gotta get that cosplay looking NICE.




I freaking love this bob cut. The wig is super thick, so this length looks amazing!



Those fibers! Be still my heart!




Fun little C.C wig. It’s super soft!



Nothing puts together a cosplay better than a quality wig; and I’ve seen more tragic cases of a crappy, shiny frizzy wig undermining an otherwise excellently crafted costume. But its hard to find good wigs, and nine times out of ten, you usually have to place your faith in the watermarked pictures of an online store.



And that’s not going to cut it.



You gotta try that puppy on, you gotta caress that wig, ask it about its favorite movie. To get the perfect wig, you have to KNOW that wig. That’s why our brick and mortar store is where you want to look first because whoa boy, can you try on wigs. We have WALLS of wigs man. We have a whole backroom of wigs. We have you covered (especially with our Rockstar Line)



I LOVE this red. Most red wigs tend to look super shiny and cheap, so finding a great looking vibrant red wig is awesome! Fun little C.C wig. It’s super soft!


This wig makes me feel like a porcelain doll. The ringlets are incredibly resistant to wear!

I will swear by our Rockstar Wigs line. They range from $40-80 and they are definitely my personal go-to wig vendor. These wigs are heat-resistant (so you can curl, straighten and crimp these babies to your heart’s desire) and come in a wide variety of super crisp non-gloss fibers.



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